At once after the invention of Viagra scientists started working on a new drug for curing erectile dysfunction. Scientists spent years until Cialis hit the market in 2003.

In 1993 pharmacological company Icos made a decision to start exploring PDE-5, notably IC351. In our day, all the most efficacious drugs for erectile dysfunction curing in men are produced on the basis of PDE-5. Earlier, problems with potency almost didn’t answer to treatment and the first drug, Viagra, was invented due to stroke of good luck.

In spite of the fact that Icos started working in 1990, the first patent for inhibitor IC351, the company received in 1994 and still it is obscurely whether the patent for Cialis was received earlier than for Viagra.

In any case in 1995, Icos Corporation started undertaking the first stage of clinical studies. These investigations were undertaking during three years and in 1998 the company united with Eli Lilly. At the long last, a couple of years later, they presented Cialis and declared about its powerful effect.

Modern pharmacological market is full of various drugs, used for power loss medication in men and you may wonder: ’What does Cialis look like?’ in order to avoid counterfeits. Cialis is a yellow film-coated drug produced in the shape of an almond.

If to compare two most powerful drugs used for erection improving, we can say that Viagra versus cialis is no match for. Speaking about the effect, Cialis is more ‘interesting’. Cialis starts acting in 15 minutes after intake and acts during 36 hours. Because of such long effect Cialis gained a new name – a pill for a weekend. One pill should be taken only once per day. In gives an opportunity to men, taking Cialis, not to care about the necessity to take a drug. In any case this fact has a positive impact on the psychological state of patients.

When choosing a drug like Cialis, men frequently pay attention to several factors. Compatibility of Cialis with alcohol and absence of serious side effects play a significant role. If to speak about the properties of Cialis Viagra is not so effective. So in order to give an answer to the question what is the difference between Viagra and Cialis let’s analyze several factors.

First of all Cialis has the other active ingredient – Tadalafil. If active ingredient differs from the one which Viagra contains, it means that the action will also be absolutely different. Viagra acts only 5-6 hours and Cialis offers an excellent opportunity not to plan sexual life. This ‘yellow pill’ will be more useful for young generation, which has problems with erection. Unfortunately, if you hear the diagnosis erectile dysfunction it doesn’t mean that this disease is a problem of men after 50. Younger men, who used to lead an active sexual life, will appreciate Cialis because this drug fits them more.

In any case no one except you can give you the answer to the question which is better Cialis or Viagra. Both drugs were invented almost at the same time, have the same intended purpose but have various effects. You choose the one according to your abilities and state of health. If a doctor sees no contra indications for Cialis intake, he can prescribe you this drug.